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What We Do

We have tirelessly led the effort to permanently assist people by providing pro-active Solutions at home & the workplace.  As these two environments interact with each other, it is critical to ensure that there is a simple balance between them.

Our Mission


We help individuals and businesses by identifying problems in their personal and business environments & relationships.  Solutions are key elements in improving home environments, reducing stress, workplace accidents.  We help to provide a more harmonious environment, promoting workplace productivity, community awareness and mateship.

MatesGroup … The First Step …

Mates Group is dedicated to promoting improved working environments that will greatly benefit all participants at home and in the workplace.

— Rob Johns, MatesGroup.org / Blue Sky Negotiators

What We’ve Achieved

  • We have helped many individuals discuss the underlying problems that affect them.
  • We have identified that home and workplace environments can both cause issues inter-acting upon each, making both toxic.
  • We have created more positive relationships between Employers & Employees, promoting pro-active discussion and understanding.
  • We have provided short-term & long-term SOLUTIONS to assist individuals.
  • Workplace accidents have decreased where Employee situations have been identified.
  • Employer – Employee relationships have benefitted due to mutual recognition of workplace problems.
  • Employers productivity levels have greatly improved by promoting more harmonious workplace environments.
  • Employers have been able to integrate social initiatives into their company policies.
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